Personalized Attention from Physicians

At Brighton Medical Group, our patients receive a more traditional, personalized style of care. Our physicians work as advocates for our patients and personally navigate them through the system of care.

When patients are referred to a specialist, our doctors follow up directly with the physician and work closely with him/her to ensure the safest and highest quality of care.

Urgent Care

Our dedication extends to our availability. Instead of making an expensive trip to Urgent Care, our office ensures that same day appointments are available for needs that cannot wait.

Additionally, we don’t utilize a third-party answering service after hours, our physicians are available to provide personal attention to each patient outside of regular business hours.

More Like Family

The staff at Brighton Medical Group is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. Because we care for all ages, we often care for entire families and we get to know you, like family. Our patients are often second and third generation, and we enjoy knowing the history, community and families behind our patients.